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I know what you’re thinking. Who is this Tonefinder guy? And why is he so obsessed with tone, amp repairs and pickups etc?

My name is Rich, I’ve been playing guitar (electric, acoustic & bass) for over twenty years (formerly of The Crush, Emmerald and Stash). Over that time I’ve increasingly found myself helping others out with various aspects of their guitar such as upgrades, fixes/repairs, modifications, tone etc. Without wanting to sound big-headed, I’ve found it’s something I’m pretty good at (being a dab hand with a soldering iron helps) and I’ve always had a good ear for tone.

Tonefinder PAF pickups. These babies sounded stunning in the test Les Paul!

That’s why I decided to offer my services beyond my circle of friends, why I set up Tonefinder and hopefully why you’re reading this now. I’m based in the Portsmouth area and can offer a collection/delivery service for your guitar or bass (or amp). I cover not only Portsmouth but Southampton, Fareham, Gosport, Chichester, Havant, Petersfield, Waterlooville, Winchester; pretty much the whole of Hampshire and West Sussex. I also have clients who courier their instruments to me to work on. Plus, I can visit you to carry out repairs, modifications etc and have done for many of my clients. It’s all part of the Tonefinder service.

If you need help with your guitar, bass or amp, be it a repair, an upgrade of pickup(s), a crackly volume pot or if you fancy trying something out to improve your tone then please let me know. Getting your guitar sounding the way YOU want it to sound is a fun & ultimately rewarding experience.

I’m really pleased to announce that I now have my very own range of Tonefinder guitar pickups which are all hand-made by me to order. Head over to the pickups page for more information and to find out how to improve your tone!!

The Tonefinder ‘Blues Obituary’ – Remember the Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal? This is my take on that sound.

Combine that with the newly launched (but already very popular) Tonefinder guitar F/X pedals which are hand built by me using only the very best components for uncompromising tone and quality. Head over to the F/X Pedals page for more info.

My rates are incredibly reasonable and most work can be done pretty quickly. Please click here for more info.

Tonefinder also offers amp servicing and repair so if your amp is due a service, playing up, not sounding as great as it used to or lacking tone/feel then let me know. Amps play a critical role in shaping our tone so Tonefinder really is your one-stop-shop for all your guitar and amp needs.

Head over to the Tonefinder contact page to get in touch. It’ll be great to hear from you.

It’s all about tone, tone, tone and more tone! And pickups….and pedals come to think about it. And your amp (you’ve gotta have a good, reliable amp).

Thanks, Rich

PS I’m currently working on a Tonefinder amp so watch this space ;o) Amps, pickups, pedals….what’s next on the quest for tone……

Tonefinder. Helping you find YOUR tone.

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