About me

Ok, I thought it might be a good idea to tell you a little bit more about me and how I came to be running my own guitar based workshop.

It all started a couple of decades ago when I got in to setting up my own guitars etc and really getting in to what made a guitar sound the way it does. Being a little bit of a self-confessed anorak, I’ve always liked to go in to the tiniest of detail when it comes making a noise be it loud, quiet or one that will melt your heart. One thing that’s important is to take on board the opinion of others and being able to treat those opinions with respect & value is something that has driven me forward over the years to help me grow, gaining more experience along the way.

So let’s bring things forward a bit to a couple of years ago (2013 to be precise). The number of guitars I was being asked to look at was growing, as was the number of amps etc. That’s when Tonefinder was born and it hasn’t stopped growing since! For example, the research and development into the Tonefinder Pickups  range was a hugely rewarding and satisfying project, plus the fact that they’re now in so many guitars out there is a very humbling thought indeed.

2014 saw a move to bigger premises simply to accommodate all the work that was coming in and to also facilitate a move into amp servicing and repair. Joining up with Richie Stopforth (from the hugely popular band ‘The Mafia‘) was to prove to be a fantastic move for both of us as Richie’s knowledge of tube amps is second to none and has helped to enhance the service that Tonefinder can offer its clients.

And since the move in 2014 further products have been developed including Peter Green humbuckers, David Gilmour single coils and a rather nice range of effects pedals. More stuff is on the way including more pickups and a Tonefinder amp or two so watch this space for more info. Speaking of which, the best way to keep up to date is to subscribe to the Tonefinder Newsletter as it contains up-to-the minute updates, tips and advice plus special offers for newsletter subscribers only.

The thing that keeps Tonefinder clients coming back is the personal service offered which is tailored to the individuals needs. Everyone is different and everyone wants to be unique. That’s where Tonefinder fills the void that others can’t. As a gigging musician and someone who really appreciates what it takes to get YOUR tone I can confidently say that you won’t be disappointed by your Tonefinder experience. Take a look at my Testimonials page to find out what others think, not just me. I’ll give you a few examples to whet your appetite:

“As a pro bassist with 28 years experience, I’m pretty comfortable with maintaining and setting up my instruments. However, just recently I’ve struggled to get them to play exactly how I want them. I was aware of Tonefinder and Rich is local to me, so I decided to let him loose on my number 1 bass to see what he could do.

The results far exceed my expectations and my bass now plays better than it has for a long time!! Rich explained every detail of what he had done and made sure I was completely happy with his work.

Happy would be an understatement! I’m ecstatic with the service I received and Rich was even happy to comply with my strict deadline request.

I have 6 more basses that will be getting the Tonefinder treatment as soon as possible and I look forward to a long relationship with Rich and Tonefinder.

Chris Wood

Archie Bell
Glenn Jones
The Lovetown Allstars”

“Hi Rich

I have played gigs with both my bands since you set up my Jazz bass and have received numerous compliments on the tone I am now getting. You have made a good guitar great!

Looking forward to bringing the Jazz in again in a few months for some more TLC.

Best wishes


“I have been playing Les Paul’s for over 30 years and when I asked Rich to make me a set of humbuckers to Peter Green spec I thought I would get a reasonable set. They have transformed my Les Paul into the best I could ever imagine!

I have a large guitar collection but along with a Strat with a John Mayer set of pickups, made again by Rich, these are my main guitars. I play now in the Hop Back Blues Band that I have been running for the last 25 years.

Unbelievable exceptionally skilled man!

A lucky chance to have been given his phone number.

Thanks for everything.



If you’d like to know about how Tonefinder can help you then please head on over to my Contact page. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.