Something that has been a bit of a bug-bear for me over the years is the cost of supposed good quality guitar cables. You can quiet easily blow a few gigs worth of earnings on getting anything that resembles a cable that will last the average working muso any more than six months or so.

Now don’t get me wrong, a really good cable is essential in order to get the very best signal from your guitar to your amp (via any stompboxes etc) but why should we have to pay a small fortune for even a short cable?

Tonefinder Cables – Made to your requirements

Well, after a significant amount of R&D I’m very pleased to say that I can now make custom length cables for you using only the very best quality jack plugs (straight and right-angled jack plugs are available). All you need to do it drop me a line or give me a ring and I can give you a quote. As an example, a 5 meter lead with a straight jakc plug at each end will only cost £15.00 inc p&p

Rock on!!!