Now I’m pretty sure I know what you’re thinking. What on earth has hypnotherapy got to do with pickups, pedals, refrets etc?

Well, you’d be surprised!

One of the other strings I have in my bow is that I trained at, and graduated from, The Quest Institute¬†as an NLP Practitioner and Cognitive Hypnotherapist. Now as it turns out, a significant number of people that walk through my door with amp repairs or guitar issues also have other areas of their life that they could really do with some help with and that’s where hypnotherapy can really make a big difference.

I’m a therapist at South Coast Hypnotherapy alongside my partner, Caroline. We can help you with pretty much any area of your life. Want to give up smoking? Bad habits? Are you stressed? Is anxiety an issue for you? Want to lose weight? Do you get nervous when your about to go on stage and perform? Do you have health issues that you’d like to have better control over? Do you have a phobia or a fear of flying?

I think you can see from the above that the list is almost endless as to what cognitive hypnotherapy can help with. Why not read my blog article here to find out a bit more?

If you’d like to talk something through with either myself or Caroline then please contact us here or have a chat with me when you next come in to the workshop. Everything we’ll talk about is completely confidential and we really can help you change your life.