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This Ibanez JS24P was a joy to work on. It's owner will be popping in soon to pick it up so I thought I'd get it out the case to take a quick snap.

It's had a full fret level, re-crown & polish then a full setup. The pickup heights were a bit strange so after a bit of tweaking I found their sweet spot so she now sounds even better.

#ibanez #js24p #guitar #joesatriani #setup #tonefinder #candyapplered

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For all my bass playing clients..... ...

Bass Group Therapy courtesy of Consequence of Sound XD S x

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This stunningly gorgeous Yamaha SG2000 came in for a full setup. Various age related issues were discovered along the way, the most serious being a completely seized truss rod adjustment nut. Some TLC sorted that out.

A complete fret level, recrown and polish, a tweak of the nut and a fresh set if strings and she's ready to rock.

The Yamaha SG is one of my all time favourite guitars so it's a bonus-joy to have one in to work on.

#yamaha #sg #sg2000 #guitar #repair #setup

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I had a Marshall Valvestate 8080 (from the mid 90's) in for repair. The owner said they were having issues with the send/return fx loop so I hooked the amp up to the oscilloscope to suss out what was occurring.

The top trace is from my signal generator (set to output a sine wave 1KHz at 0.3v amplitude) and the bottom trace is from the amps output (hooked up to an 8ohm dummy load). That doesn't look at all good. Output does not resemble input.

Further investigation with the oscilloscope showed a blown op-amp in the send/return section. This did mean the main board needed to be removed in order to replace with a new one but it was worth the effort and the client was over the moon to get his amp back in full working order.

Oscilloscopes are worth their weight in gold!!

#marshall #amp #amplifier #guitar #repair #workshop #havant #tonefinder

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Sometimes you have to suss out someone else's madness then compare it to your own and hopefully find a common ground.

It's always fun working out how someone designed something and this hand wired amp from the late 90's proved to be an interesting beast.

In this case the tube has failed and those two large electrolytic capacitors need replacing (high ESR). I also replaced the main filter caps too as they were showing high ESR causing mains hum.

#guitar #amp #amplifier #repair #havant #tonefinder

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