On this page you’ll find testimonials from some of my clients. Mr Chris Wood (bassist for Mark Hill a.k.a. Artful (from Artful Dodger/Craig David fame, Archiw Bell, Glenn Jones to name but a few) was kind enough to write this testimonial after some recent work that I did for him:

“As a pro bassist with 28 years experience, I’m pretty comfortable with maintaining and setting up my instruments. However, just recently I’ve struggled to get them to play exactly how I want them. I was aware of Tonefinder and Rich is local to me, so I decided to let him loose on my number 1 bass to see what he could do.

The results far exceed my expectations and my bass now plays better than it has for a long time!! Rich explained every detail of what he had done and made sure I was completely happy with his work.

Happy would be an understatement! I’m ecstatic with the service I received and Rich was even happy to comply with my strict deadline request.

Tonefinder, Chris Wood, Overwater
Chris Wood with his newly set up Overwater J5 – Picture courtesy of Dielle Hannah


I have 6 more basses that will be getting the Tonefinder treatment as soon as possible and I look forward to a long relationship with Rich and Tonefinder.

Chris Wood

Archie Bell
Glenn Jones
The Lovetown Allstars”

Thanks Chris, You’ve encapsulated exactly what Tonefinder is all about! You can check out Chris’ website here and he’s even written a blog post about his first experience with Tonefinder.

Below are more customer testimonials and reviews of work that they’ve had carried out at Tonefinder. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions etc.


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