Wishing you the very best in season merriment!

Wow! What a year 2019 turned out to be!! I'll try and keep all this short which could be a challenge as there's so much to tell. Suffice to say it's been an eventful one.

July saw the arrival of my granddaughter Peggy-Mai. She's a little bundle of joy and is already ruling the roost. Her first Xmas is going to be one to remember for all the right reasons. Congratulations again to Charlotte (my daughter) and Jack for bringing such a beautiful person in to the world.

July was an eventful month for another life event. Carrie and I moved! That was fun. When I say fun, I mean stressful and tiring but ultimately worth it. I'm pretty much settled in to the new workshop but there are a couple of tweaks that I'd still like to make. We'll get there.

Last but not least, September brought Carrie and I together in matrimony. A great day was had by all (from what I can remember) and it really was the icing on what has been an amazing the 2019 cake.

And I must say a huge thanks to you and all my other my Tonefinder clients. I really do mean that. Your custom is very much welcomed and always appreciated.

I have some plans in the pipework for 2020. The new line of amps will finally be coming to fruition, there are some new pedals in the pipework too. I'm also finalizing some rather special pickups as well. Just let me know if you'd like any more info regarding any of those new projects. Alternatively, keep an eye on the website for all the latest news.

Have and amazing festive period doing whatever it is you do this time of year and here's to a happy and healthy 2020.

Stay frosty!

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