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The Club is back!

A significant number of you are already club members but a number of you have been asking about signing up for a while now. I did close the entry to the club some time ago but it's open again to new members.

Signing up to be a club member couldn't be easier. Simply go to The Club page on my website, select the amount you'd like to pay on a monthly basis and click 'Subscribe', it's as easy as that. The entire subscription service is managed through PayPal so we can all be assured that your money is safe.

Club members get their own exclusive newsletter, discounts not offered to non-members and peace of mind knowing that the cost of setups, amp repairs etc are covered.

Join The Club today and save!

Price increase

Sadly the economy has changed so much in the last couple of years that I'm left with little choice but to raise my prices slightly. The last time I raised my prices was something like November 2017! It won't be huge amounts but forewarned is forearmed. The increase will come in to effect on 1st March 2020 so it might be worth taking advantage and getting your kit booked in now. Combine this with joining The Club and save some extra money.

That's about it for now. Thanks for reading, thanks for signing up to be a club member and above all, thanks for being part of the Tonefinder family. Your custom and your friendship really do mean the world to me.

Have a good'un and stay frosty!