Ageing (or distressing) a guitar has become a very popular request here at Tonefinder. I made a promise to myself never to put photos up of actual customer guitars that I’ve aged as that just doesn’t feel right to me but I thought I’d share with you a sneaky peek at what can be achieved. Below is the neck from one of my own guitars that I’ve finally decided to subject to an accelerated ageing process.

First off, lets look at the headstock.

The headstock of a 1993 Vester Stratocaster - Aged by Tonefinder
The headstock of a 1993 Vester Stratocaster – Aged by Tonefinder

The neck itself was pretty much unmarked before I started this process. I think that might have been why I put off doing this work for so long. Now there’s not going to be a huge amount of detail in to how I achieved the above (trade secrets and all that) but a significant amount of time when in to marking where my fingers went on the finger board (something a lot of people ignore when they start a project like this) and the burn mark by the first tuner is from actual cigarettes (I’ve now got a 40-a-day habit).

Vester Traditional  - Aged and distressed neck
A view of the whole aged and distressed neck

And there we have the neck in it’s distressed entirety. Again, all the wear marks are based on where my fingers land. As part of the consultation with you, we’d look at your playing style etc to determine where to age and where not to.

As for the process itself, the main ingredient is time. Each job is different so please contact me to discuss your requirements and we’ll go from there,

Right, where did I leave the body?