Busy week ahead! It’s like a Fender showroom at Tonefinder Towers!

Was sad to see the Epiphone 335 Dot that I had in go. I purchased off a guy who had been playing it for a few years and had really looked after it well. It’s only issue was the fret wear which was, unusually, pretty even across the whole neck. All it needed was a good fret dressing so now that’s done it’s off to a good home.

I have a very nice Jerry Donahue Fender Telecaster in at the moment for a full re-fret. There’s an interesting issue at fret one where someone has previously tried to replace the fret but really screwed up it’s removal. Some time, attention and a little bit of love will get that sorted out.

There’s also a superb rosewood necked Fender Stratocaster in (MIM) for a scratchplate replacement and complete rewire including new pots and switch. It’s go Kinman pickups in so I know the ‘greasebucket’ wiring will really bring them to life.

I’ve also got another MIM Fender Stratocaster in that needs some fret dressing and setting up. This time it’s a maple necked one. I’ll check out the electrics on that (after the fret work) and then find a good home for it.

There’s also some other guitars coming in later this week for electrical work and a few modifications. Busy! Busy! Busy!!