Capturing that David Gilmour tone

I’ve always wanted to make a pickup that got somewhere close to that David Gilmour tone. Yet again the interweb was rife with misinformation, tenuous advice and general rubbish so the quest was really on.

David Gilmour
David Gilmour and his black strat – The Tonefinder quest was on to find that tone!

It was kinda prompted by one of my clients approaching me and asking for a set of DG style pickups to be made. The existing ‘Reverend’ pickups came close but weren’t quite on the button and so the road to the Tonefinder David Gilmour Stratocaster set was opened up in front of me. It’s been an interesting journey and one that’s proved very rewarding and educational.

It became obvious to me that I was approaching this from a slightly wrong angle and that’s a big thing to admit on a public website. Why? Because back in the 90’s my main Strat (a gorgeous Vester Tradition series ’57 copy which I still play to this very day) was fitted with EMG SAs, an upgrade I’d performed to try and get me close to the DG sound of the time. It worked and I was happy.

But Mr G moved back to using his black Strat in the early 00’s which was loaded with Seymour Duncan pickups. I think (so don’t quote me on this) that he first used that black Strat around the time of the ‘Animals’ recording and that would tie in with the tonal evolution you can hear on the Pink Floyd albums. It was once I’d twigged that the EMG tone was not the way to go but to try and get close to the Seymour Duncan route that I had a string of lightbulb moments.

After a number of prototypes I’d found the tone I was after and I’m now proud to say that I can supply David Gilmour Stratocaster pickups to the world. As with the Peter Green Humbucker set, the recipe is a closely guarded secret but I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Let me know if you’d like to find out more.

Keep on plucking people!