Gunk removal

It’s quite common to find a build up of gunk on circuit boards in amps. It’s important to remove that gunk as it can become conductive and cause significant issues. I’ll show you a quick and easy way to remove that build up.

Marshall Super Bass 100 – Let’s restore the beast!

On the bench today we have a rather stunning Marshall Super Bass 100…..or at least it will be! This amp hasn’t been switched on for years. It came in with no tubes installed and a shed load of dust and cobwebs. I made a few decisions before turning the amp on for the first time, […]

The best FREE mod ever? Top wrapping!

Not many things in life are free so it makes a nice change to be able to potentially improve the tone AND playability of a guitar and for that modification to be both wonderfully simple yet not cost a silver bean to implement. To be exact, we’re going to be top wrapping. Intrigued? Read on. […]

Refretting a Fender USA Strat

I recently acquired a Fender USA Stratocaster. There were a few things that really stood out to me, both positive and negative. The neck was incredibly comfortable in the hand but there was significant fret wear all along the neck. The pickups sounded stunning but Fender chose not to install a TBX tone control. Also, […]

David Gilmour Stratocaster Project

A few weeks ago I was contacted by John in Cardiff. He was looking for a set of David Gilmour pickups to go in his Squire Stratocaster. After our initial conversations it became clear that John was also potentially looking for a new guitar too. As luck would have it I was contemplating selling my […]

The countdown has started…..

The countdown to what I hear you cry??!!?? [tminus t=”30-06-2015 23:59:59″/] Good question! Can’t really say a lot at this stage but suffice to say there is going to be a big announcement at the start of July 2015. Sorry to be cryptic but all will become clear, I promise. Keep it loud, people!! Rich

Capturing that David Gilmour tone

I’ve always wanted to make a pickup that got somewhere close to that David Gilmour tone. Yet again the interweb was rife with misinformation, tenuous advice and general rubbish so the quest was really on. It was kinda prompted by one of my clients approaching me and asking for a set of DG style pickups […]

Tonefinder Effects Pedals – You heard it here 1st

Tonefinder is incredibly proud to announce, after months of development and testing, the launch of its brand new range of effects pedals. Every pedal is put together by me and comprises of the very, very best components. I went for quality all the way with these pedals to ensure not only a long life but […]

The Pickups have landed!!

Phew!! It’s been a hectic few months but the news that you’ve all been waiting for is that Tonefinder now has its own range of single coil pickups which you can find out more about here. After many months and hundreds of hours of testing “The Ol’ Quacker“, “The TFC” and “The Reverend” are ready […]

Squire neck TLC & a humming Fender USA Stratocaster

Life is never dull at here at Tonefinder Towers. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I get to meet some amazing people and am priviledge to be able to work on some incredible guitars. Highlights so far include a very nice mid-to-late eighties Squire Strat that needed a lot of attention on […]

Fender, Gibson, Aria, Squire setups & refrets = busy

It’s been another great week so far at the Tonefinder workshop. I’ve got a lovely Gibson Les Paul Studio in for a fret level and setup, plus last night I collected a rather stunning Fender Telecaster (USA) which needs some tweaking. There’s also a lovely Aria acoustic in for a setup plus a gorgeous Squire […]

Rewires galore! Fender, Epiphone plus a Tokai

Busy times again this week. Wouldn’t have it any other way if I’m honest. First in to the workshop on Monday morning was another Epiphone 335 Dot in need of a new tone pot. Although very tricky the results were well worth it. My client also had a full set-up done on the guitar and […]


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