Capturing that David Gilmour tone

I’ve always wanted to make a pickup that got somewhere close to that David Gilmour tone. Yet again the interweb was rife with misinformation, tenuous advice and general rubbish so the quest was really on. It was kinda prompted by one of my clients approaching me and asking for a set of DG style pickups […]

Finding that Peter Green tone – Custom humbuckers

Right from the very start of my journey in to making guitar pickups I knew that I’d be asked to make custom pickups and to also try and emulate the tone of well known players. Not only have my range of ‘standard’ Tonefinder pickups been a huge success but so have the custom wounds too. […]

The Pickups have landed!!

Phew!! It’s been a hectic few months but the news that you’ve all been waiting for is that Tonefinder now has its own range of single coil pickups which you can find out more about here. After many months and hundreds of hours of testing “The Ol’ Quacker“, “The TFC” and “The Reverend” are ready […]