The Pickups have landed!!

Phew!! It’s been a hectic few months but the news that you’ve all been waiting for is that Tonefinder now has its own range of single coil pickups which you can find out more about here. After many months and hundreds of hours of testing “The Ol’ Quacker“, “The TFC” and “The Reverend” are ready to go and all three are already getting rave reviews. Subscribers to the Tonefinder newsletter were given an opportunity to get hold of the pickups early and many took up the offer. Thank you to everyone that went for them and I’m so over the moon with all the amazing feedback I’ve received that I really can’t find the words adequate enough to describe how great it feels.

The Tonefinder "Ol' Quacker' Pickup
The Tonefinder “Ol’ Quacker’ Pickup

The range will be growing very soon to include humbuckers and telecaster pickups too! Both are in the final testing phases and when I’m 100% happy I shall unleash them. Watch this space!! It might be worth following Tonefinder on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with all the latest developments.

I must say the hugest of huge thanks to everyone who tested the pickups for me. It’s all well and good me making these things and putting them out there for sale but if they don’t sound any good then it’s all for nothing. With you help and support I’ve been able to craft these pickups in the beasts that they are and the proof is finally in the pudding. Thank you one and all. You know who you are and I will be forever grateful to you.

In other news the workshop has had some lovely guitars pass through it in the last couple of weeks including two USA strats, one for a refret and the other for a set of custom wound Tonefinder pickups. I’ve also had a Tokai Goldstar Sounds Strat in, again for Tonefinder ‘The Reverend’ pickups to be fitted (this is a guitar that I’ve worked on before giving it a complete refret and ‘greasebucket’ wiring).

Other highlights include one of the best Epiphone SG G400’s that I’ve ever played and a mid-nineties Squire Strat that needed a new nut and set-up.

Please let me know if you need any info on the new range of pickups or indeed anything to do with your guitar.

Stay frosty,