P90 Pickups

After many, many hours of R&D I’m very happy to announce the launch of my P90 pickups.

The Tonefinder P90 pickup
The Tonefinder P90 pickup

These have been in development for quite a while now but I’ve found the formula that works and gives you that unique Tonefinder sound!

The pickups are available individually or as a matched set. Soapbar and ‘Dog-ear’ pickups are available and are wound to ‘standard’, ‘vintage’ or ‘custom’ (yes, you can have them wound to your spec). I can also supply cream covers, black or both. Simply head over to the Tonefinder Shop or contact me for more details.

For info the standard and vintage specs are as follows:


Neck = 7.2k

Bridge = 7.5k


Neck = 7.4k

Bridge = 8.5k

All values are +/- 10%

An individual P90 will cost £75 inc p&p. A matched pair will cost £140 inc p&p. Head to the Tonefinder shop to purchase.