Strat Single Coils

Tonefinder is really, really proud to announce it’s very own line of pickups both ‘stock’ and custom wound.

The story so far….

From an embryonic idea back in 2013 to the launch of the Tonefinder range of pickups in February 2014 there has been literally hundreds of hours of R&D in to both pickup design and, more importantly, their tone. After field testing the ‘Mark 1’ pickup with gigging and recording musicians the ‘Mark 2’ was prepared based on the feedback and opinions of those most trusted by me. Further R&D resulted in the pickups that you see below.

Each pickup is made to order. Every single one is hand-wound by me. The pickups you receive will be as individual as you are. There really is something about getting YOUR tone from YOUR pickups. That’s what I strive for.

I’m incredibly proud of these pickups. The range is, granted, small at the moment but there are currently some amazing humbuckers in the pipeline and also Telecaster pickups too so watch this space. Below is the ‘standard’ range, each one can be tailored to your needs.

The Tonefinder "Ol' Quacker' Pickup
The Tonefinder “Ol’ Quacker’ Pickup
The “Ol’ quacker” Single Coil – This is the true vintage pickup of the range. Built to resemble the tone of the legendary pickups from the 50’s and early 60’s, this pickup will give you that classic ‘Strat’ sound.
Neck = 5.5k ohms (average)
Middle = 5.6k ohms (average)
Bridge = 5.7k ohms (average)

Here’s what Peter G from Holbury had to say about them “Well……They’re bright and chimney, clear and precise, and they make the (brand name removed) pickup sound like cheap sh*t. Well done!”

The “TFC” Single Coil – A modern twist on an old theme. Build with a more contemporary take on winding a pickup this offering gives a pure, clean tone with an almost chime-like quality to it. It’s still versatile though and will handle anything you can throw at it. (Photo coming soon!!)
Neck = 5.7k ohms
Middle = 5.7k ohms
Bridge = 5.7k ohms

Mike W from Cosham made the following observations “The TFC pickups I tried out for Rich were a very pleasant surprise indeed. Each had a well rounded and defined tone that responded really well to all the styles of music that I play. The neck and middle pickups both had a warmth about them without losing their clarity and ‘glass’ and the bridge pickup was, although bright and attacking, not too over-zealous and would certainly suit those looking for a sharp sound for their solos, helping them cut through the mix. In fact these pickups were so good I’m not giving them back. Sorry Rich!”

The Reverend pickup by Tonefinder
The Reverend pickup by Tonefinder

The “Reverend” Single Coil – A much hotter pickup that the “Ol’ Quacker” but with a vintage winding to give it that feel. When I first loaded these pickups in to my Strat and gigged them I couldn’t help thinking of Texes Blues and, more specifically, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top – Hence the name. (Photo coming very, very soon)

Neck = 6.2k ohms
Middle = 6.4k ohms
Bridge = 6.7k ohms

Chris H from Southampton had the following to say about them “The set of ‘The Reverend’ pickups Rich installed in my Tokai strat has completely transformed it from a decent guitar into a tone monster! The higher output single coils have more bite and definition whilst still giving the distinctive strat tone that I was looking for.  I mainly play blues so these suit me perfectly for that SRV sound but the clean tone of these pickups is fantastic – think ‘Coming Back to Life’ by Pink Floyd.  They also give me a much wider range of tonal options and I’m even converted to liking the middle pickup on it’s own!

Having already had a complete refret and ‘Greasebucket’ rewire on my Tokai from Tonefinder, adding these pickups has left me with a guitar that absolutely sings!
Cheers Rich!”

All of the above are just £50 per pickup (plus P&P) or £140 (plus P&P) for a matched set of three. Please visit the Tonefinder Shop to order. As each pickup is hand made to order, please allow up to 21 days for delivery (I normally try to fulfil orders within 7 days). All values stated above at +/- 5% and all pickups a wax potted by me unless requested otherwise. Please also note that Stratocaster middle pickups are reverse wound/reverse polarity unless requested otherwise.

Custom windings – I’m also able to offer a custom winding service so if there’s something you need then please get in touch and we’ll see what we can make a reality. That’s exactly what Dave D from Locks Heath did and here’s what he had to say about the set of single coils I wound for his Fender USA Stratocaster Absolutely fan…tabulous. My bands ‘engine room’ boys (bass & drums) both commented on the s-m-o-o-t-h tone tonight. Very pleased in all depts. clean, overdriven and all selections, though middle pickup was very ‘lush’.”

You can specify the colour of the pickup cover or, for a small additional cost, I can age the pickup covers to your requirements. The ageing process can also be used on the pole pieces of the pickups too for that true vintage look. Currently I can offer aged/vintage cream, mint, black and white with the white pickup cover offering the best results by far from the ‘distressing’ process. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about having your pickup cover(s) aged.

David Gilmour Stratocaster pickups

For me it was the album ‘Animals’ by Pink Floyd that saw the emergence of that David Gilmour sound. The depth of tone, controllability combined with high output and sustain to die for would see David cemented as one of the all time greats both in terms of playability and, as importantly, tone.

Since the very start of my adventure in to making guitar pickups I’ve always had Mr G and his tone in mind. Many moons ago I got somewhere close when I fitted a set of EMG SAs to my workhorse Strat but it was never quite right. That was when the man himself was using his candy apple red Strat but since he’s gone back to his black Strat loaded with Seymour Duncan pups his tone has taken yet another huge leap forward.

Since making pickups I’ve had quite a few people ask me to make David Gilmour pickups for them and I’m now very pleased to offer them as part of the Tonefinder line-up.

The pickups come as a set of three and cost £175.00 inc p&p. Please visit the Tonefinder Shop to order or contact me to discuss. As each pickup ihandmadede to order, please allow up to 21 days for delivery (I normally try to fulfil orders within 14 days). All values stated are at +/- 10% and all pickups are wax potted by me unless requested otherwise.