Rewires galore! Fender, Epiphone plus a Tokai

Busy times again this week. Wouldn’t have it any other way if I’m honest.

First in to the workshop on Monday morning was another Epiphone 335 Dot in need of a new tone pot. Although very tricky the results were well worth it. My client also had a full set-up done on the guitar and was very impressed with the results. It’s amazing the difference a proper set-up can make to a guitar of any value, age, make or model.

I delivered the Jerry Donahue Fender Telecaster back to its owner on Sunday afternoon. Martin’s comments can be seen in the ‘testimonials’ column. That was a bit of a challenge due to an expanded fret slot making the re-fret that much more difficult.

There are a number of guitars in for modifications this week, a couple of pickup changes and upgrades of pots etc. There are also a couple of refrets to be done and one guitar that desperately needs a fret dressing. These include Fender, Epiphone, Ibanez and a very nice old Hohner.

I’m looking forward to getting a Tokai Strat in on Thursday for some work. That’s going to be a very interesting project.

If you’re after a Fender Stratocaster then I have this one for sale on eBay so please let me know if you need any more info on that one. I took it in a week or so ago. The only work it really needed was a new nut so I’ve replaced the old plastic one with a new bone nut. That’s made a big difference to the tone and sustain so a job well worth doing. The guitar itself a great player and has really good tone. It actually makes a change for me to get a guitar in and not want to fiddle around with it too much so I’ve leaving this one as pretty much stock.

Stay frosty!!