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3 hours ago


How cool does this Guild S60-D look!!

This guitar has a few stories to tell.........

#guild #s60d #guitar #guitartech #tonefinder #setup #havant #Hampshire #uk

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4 hours ago


I'm rather proud to announce that I've just launched my Patreon channel which you can find here

For just £5 per month you'll have exclusive access to content I won't be sharing on YouTube such as:

More in-depth tutorials
Special projects
Rare & vintage guitars & amps that come in for work
Patron requested content
Behind the scenes access

And more! All for just £5 per month.

To find out more and watch my introduction video simply go to

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3 weeks ago


Competition shooting this morning. Thought I'd grab a bite to eat beforehand.

The weather is a bit gash.

#hrpc #gunsandguitars

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3 months ago


Sometimes, just sometimes it feels like the universe is just reminding you that it's in charge.

I've lost count of the number of refrets I've done over the years. It's easily well in to three digits. The vast majority go according to plan. Swimmingly in fact.

Not this one. Oh no. This one chose to be a bastard.

Under all those clamps is a Lag Imperator. It's a gorgeous guitar. In for a refret, I started hitting trouble when the ebony fingerboard (I'm not 100% convinced it is ebony) turned to powder. Significant conditioning and oiling managed to get some life back in to it. But will the new frets stay in place? I think you know the answer.

@johnstonguitartech This is the one I talked to you about. Nightmare!!

It's a good job I enjoy a challenge. I thought I'd post this one just to show it doesn't always go according to plan.

#lag #guitartech #guitar #imperator #tonefinder #leighpark #havant #Hampshire #uk

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