Tonefinder Effects Pedals – You heard it here 1st

Tonefinder is incredibly proud to announce, after months of development and testing, the launch of its brand new range of effects pedals.

Every pedal is put together by me and comprises of the very, very best components. I went for quality all the way with these pedals to ensure not only a long life but also incredible tone. All the pedals are hand-painted by me using tough and long-lasting enamel paint. You are assured of the very, very best quality! Oh, and did I mention that they are all true bypass with silent/near silent switching?

There are five pedals currently in the line-up:

  1. The Squish (compressor) – coming soon
  2. The TF-919 (a clone of an Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808) (launched on Tuesday 27th January 2015)
  3. The Colony (six versions of the Pro Co Rat pedals in one) – coming soon
  4. The Thick’ner (beautiful sounding chorus pedal) – coming soon
  5. The Moratorium (delay pedal) – coming soon

So let’s look at each pedal in turn.

The Squish – This is a five knob compressor based around the world famous Ross Gray Compressor. The addition of the ‘attack’ modification combined with ratio and tone controls takes this compressor to a whole new level of versatility.

Some guitarists will keep this pedal on all the time when it’s in their line-up, others will use it to punch through at solo time. Either way, having this pedal near the start of your signal chain will ensure you get heads turning. – Price £87.00 inc p&p

My take on the classic Ibanez TS-808, the TF-919 is the made from the very,very best components for uncompromising tone and quality.
My take on the classic Ibanez TS-808, the TF-919

The TF-919 – Ok, so here’s the deal. This pedal is based on the widely used Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808. Using only the very, very best components this pedal will take your sound to a whole new level at a fraction of the cost of an original TS808. I’ve made sure that I stick to using the original JRC4558D chip too so you get Tube Screamer tone at pocket money prices. Price – £85.00 inc p&p

The Colony – If you want a bigger, dirtier sound than an overdrive pedal can deliver then you need The Colony! In a nutshell, you get six distortion pedals in one including my take on the classic Pro Co Rat, the Pro Co Rat ‘Turbo’ and some twists thereafter ranging from asymmetrical to symmetrical distortion (the original Rat is a symmetrical distortion pedal), symmetrical to asymmetrical overdrive and a MOSFET overdrive section. – Price £97.50 inc p&p

The Thick’ner – Sometimes it’s best just to go back to basics and chorus pedals can become hugely complicated (and noisy) beasts. To my ear, modern chorus pedals just don’t cut the mustard so I researched what made the old pedals sound so good. This is a ‘back to basics’ chorus pedal with the added bonus of being made up of the best components I can get my hands on. Everyone who has heard this pedal has melted in pure tonal joy.

You can go from deep, lush chorus sounds through to super-shimmery underwater gargles with The Thick’ner and everything in between. – Price £85.00 inc p&p

The Moratorium – I love delay pedals. They add depth, spaciousness and feel to your guitar playing. What I have noticed over the years is the lack of ‘life’ in a lot of delay pedals unless you spend huge amounts of money on them. This is where The Moratorium steps in to show the others how it should be done.

It uses a digital delay chip for timing accuracy but delivers analog tone for warmth and depth. Those that have tried this pedal have refused to give them back! Oh, and the magic number I know some of you are looking for is 300ms and yes it’s capable of infinite repeat and feedback ;o) – Price £95.00 inc p&p

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