Valuation Service

Thinking of selling a guitar or amp?

Thinking of buying a guitar or amp from Gumtree or eBay?

Need to get a valuation for insurance purposes?

Truth is, there are lots of reasons why you may need a valuation of a guitar or amplifier. Tonefinder can help you out in that department with our valuation service.

I get asked all the time by clients how much an amp or guitar is worth, very often when someone is thinking of buying a bit of kit and don’t want to pay over the odds or is considering selling something and they want to ensure they get the very, very best price for it.

Simply checking eBay to see what something is selling for or looking on Gumtree to find out an asking price for a similar amp or instrument is not enough as prices are wildly variable and more often than not don’t represent an instruments true value. I use multiple trusted sources combined with my own expertise and judgement to value your prized instrument and amp.

A lot of people don’t realise that their house insurance won’t cover instruments over a certain value unless declared. What if you suffer a theft or fire or worse? Being able to prove the value of a guitar (and even ownership) is becoming even more critical.

For just £15 I will value your guitar or amp for you. For £15 you’ll get a certificate detailing your items make, model, colour, serial number (where possible) and value on the date of production of the certificate. Not only will you get the certificate I’ll also put the instruments/amps details in the Tonefinder valuation register including photos of the guitar or amp. This information can be supplied at any time for no additional fee.

If you have more than one guitar or amp that you’d like valuing then it might be worth taking advantage of the following special offer: buy four valuations get one free. That’s right, five for the price of four!! Why not club together with a friend to get your kit valued?

You can purchase this service here:

1 x Guitar/Amp valuation = £15.00

5 for 4 Guitar amp valuation = £60.00 inc P&P

Or please contact me here to discuss your requirements.